All About Heaven Sent Biewer Terriers

Heaven Sent Biewer Terriers is located in NE Kansas.  We adopted our first Biewer Terrier in February 2006, with our first litter born July 2006.  Our breeding stock has been hand picked from Germany, our own puppies,  BTCA friends, and now new lines from Europe!   Most adults have been shown to prove their worthiness to reproduce. All adults have been DNA tested, both for a profile and genetic health markers.  They are checked out by our vets at least once a year, and most have OFA certified patellas. 

We strive to produce Biewer Terriers that meet the standards approved by Mrs. Biewer. To validate the quality we continue to show our dogs, as well as working closely with our veterinarians to insure healthy dogs and proper health care.  I do not give any vaccinations myself.   This means that puppies will have been seen by the vet at least two times before they leave home.

All of my Biewer Terriers have been registered with AKC/FSS   Because there is a multitude of different German registries (IBC, HCLB, ACHL, WRV), it is important to build an American registery with true pedigrees. 


The Foundation Stock Services portion of AKC is allowing BTRA registered Biewer Terriers to get registration.  All of my adults have received their AKC Foundation Stock registrations, so all litters will now be eligible for dual registered with AKC and BTRA.  If you have a Biewer Terrier that does not have BTRA registration, you may get one by:
1. Having your dog tested with the MARS Professional Wisdom  Panel 4.0
2. Having A DNA profile from DDC Veterinary done.
3. Submitting the above DNA tests, a copy of current registration with pedigree and of course the necessary fee to BTRA (Biewer Terrier Registry of America)

Heaven Sent Biewer Terriers
Kathy Totten
Marysville, KS 

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