Shows we have attended and awards won by Heaven Sent Puppies.  Most current show listed first.

August 7, 2016
Marion, IL  Crab Orchard Kennel Club
Kisses won 9-12 month Bitches, BOB, and Group 1
Bruno won Open Dogs and BOS

Dreamer was 2nd in Open Dogs
Faith was 1st in Open Bitches
Fancy was 2nd in Open Bitches
Tina was 2nd in 9-12 Bitches

August 6, 2016
Marion, IL  Crab Orchard Kennel Club

Bruno won Open Dogs, BOB, and Group 3
Tina won 9-12 month puppy and BOS

Dreamer was 2nd in Open Dogs
Faith was 1st in Open Bitches
Fancy was 2nd in Open Bitches
Kisses was 2nd in 9-12 Bitches

No picture taken

July 31, 2016
Waukesha, WI   Waukesha Kennel Club
Dreamer won Open Dogs, BOB, and Group 2
Tina won 9-12 month Bitches, BOS

Bruno was 2nd in Open Dogs
Faith was 1st in Open Bitches
Fancy was 2nd in Open Bitches
Kisses was 2nd in 9-12 month Bitches

No picture taken

July  30, 2016 
Waukesha, WI  Waukesha Kennel Club
Fancy won Open Bitches, BOB and group 4
Dreamer won Open Dogs, BOS.  He earned his last pointed needed for his CM title

Bruno was 2nd in Open Dogs
Faith was 2nd in Open Bitches
Kisses was 1st in 9-12 month bitches
Tina was 2nd in 9-12 month bitches

Fancy won BOB and a Group 4

Dreamer won BOS and the final point for his Certificate of Merit

December 11, 2015
Orlando, FL
Kooikerhondje Club of the USA, Inc  during Eukanuba week.
Tater won BOS and Open Class.  He earned the last point needed for his CM.  The FIRST Biewer Terrier to earn this award!
Fancy won her class.   This was also designated as our unofficial specialty.  Tater was BOS and Fancy was Winners' Bitch for the specialty.

October 2, 2015
Lincoln, NE Cornhusker Kennel Club Open show
Dreamer won FSS group 1, breed and Open class.  Fancy was BOS and her class.  Baby won her class and Tater placed 2nd in open class
October 1, 2015
Lincoln, NE  Cornhusker Kennel  Club Open show
 Tater won FSS group 1, Breed and open class, Baby won BOS and class,  Baby won her class and Dreamer placed 2nd in open class.

August 15, 2015
Greeley, CO American Portuguese Podengo Medio Club Open show

Tater won FSS group 1, Breed, and Class.  Fancy won BOS and class.  Dreamer and Baby both won their classes
August 14, 2015 
Greeley, CO 
American Portuguese Podengo Medio Club Open show
Dreamer won FSS group 2, Breed and Class.  Fancy won BOS, Tater and Baby won their classes.
August 13, 2015 
Greeley, CO 
American Portuguese Podengo Medio Club Open show
Tater won FSS group 1, Breed and Class.  Baby won BOS and class.  Dreamer and Fancy won their classes.

July 26, 2015
Waukesha, WI Kennel Club.
Tater won BOB and Baby BOS.  All 4 dogs received class 1st place.  The judge this day did not place group beyond 1st place because of a mix up.  No photo taken.

July 25, 2015
Waukesha, WI Kennel Club.  This is the first all breed club to host an Open (FSS/Misc) show since AKC's new rule beginning July 1.

Tater won 2nd in FSS Group, BOB, and class 1st and Baby was BOS and class 1.  Fancy and Dreamer also received class 1sts.

April 5, 2015
Berger Picard Club sponsored FSS show

Dreamer won BIS (BEST IN SHOW)  He beat 30 other FSS and Miscellaneous dogs to win.

Dreamer is the first Biewer Terrier to receive BIS at an AKC event!

Dreamer was BOB and Baby was BOS.  I also showed Tater to a class 1st.

April 3, 2015
American Portuguese Podengo Medio Club sponsored FSS show
Dreamer won BOB and Baby won BOS.  Tater was also shown and placed 1st. in his class.

December 12, 2014
Eukanuba Week
FSS show sponsored by Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America
Dreamer won BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)

FSS show sponsored by Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America and also the BTCA Specialty     

Dreamer won BOS

                                                                                                                  photo by Don Meyer Photo

November 30, 2013, ARBA/KCUSA at Purina Farms. GG, Dreamer, Hero, and Pumpkin.  Each puppy took their turn winning their sex class.  Pumpkin never made it to the BIS ring.  GG was BIS once for both ARBA and KCUSA, Hero was BIS once for both ARBA and KCUSA and Dreamer won it 3 times for KCUSA and 4 times for ARBA.  They all did well enough to get their orange cards for the Baby championship.  I am not sure about their ARBA/KCUSA championships though. (interesting fact is that GG and Dreamer are Bella babies, Hero is a Monique baby, Sis has not had any puppies yet.)

March 2012, ARBA at Purina Farms. Monique, Bella, and Sis went to my first show in over two years!  All three girls won their age group.  All three girls have earned at least one Championship during this big weekend. Sis won her KCUSA Junior Champioship, ARBA Junior Championship and her UCI Jungsten Championship.  Bella has her Jugend Championship, and Monique  received her UCI Championship and her UCI Ehren Championship.  
Sis went to the BIS ring once.  Bella went twice to the BIS ring and won Reserve BIS twice!

Sis      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    Bella     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Monique

October/November 2009, IABCA at Purina Farms. Maggie, Andi, and Millie took the trip.  The three girls got all four orange cards for their National and International titles, Millie for Baby, Maggie for Jugend and Andi for Junghund.  Each girl won their age group.

Millie won Bred By Biewer Puppy for three shows, Best Biewer Puppy for 2 shows.  In Toy Group she placed 1st and 2nd in Toy Puppies, and for Bred by Toy Puppies she won all three.  Millie ended up with a Reserve BIS Bred By Puppy.

Andi won Bred By Biewer Puppy and Best Biewer Puppy.  She also won Toy Group Puppy and Toy group Bred By Puppy.

Bill Meyer Photography

October 2009, IABCA at Oklahoma City.  I took Aster, Mira, Maggie, and Andi.  All four girls got all four orange cards, so they earned their National and International titles.  Aster and Mira for Baby, Maggie for Jungsten, and Andi for Jugend.  Mira wins bred by Biewer puppy and Bred by toy group puppy for three shows and wins Biewer puppy and toy puppy for one show.  She wins Reserve BIS Puppy for show 4.

Andi wins Biewer puppy and Toy Bred by puppy for show 2.  She wins BIS Bred-By Puppy for show 2.
Bill Meyer Photography photos



July 2008, ARBA at Purina Farms.  Three shows, Murphy won Best in Breed for 2 and Reserve for 1 of these shows.

April 2008, ARBA had a show at Hutto, TX.  Murphy was Best in Breed 5 out of 6 shows! 

January 2008 We travel to California to attend the first ARBA show that is allowing Biewer Terriers to exhibit.  Murphy wins Best in Breed 3 out of 8 shows.  He stood Best of Opposite or reserve in 2 more of these shows.

June/July 2007 IABCA at Hutto,TX.  Murphy receives his Jungsten titles.

June 2007 IABCA at Purina FarmsMeri receives her Jugend titles.  
Bill Meyer Photography

April 2007 IABCA at Los Angeles to pick up Murphy and go to a show.  It was also a Biewer Specialty for BTCAMurphy arrives on Thursday and we show Saturday and Sunday.  He showed like he had done so many times before.  He wins his Baby titles and also Reserve BIS Puppy and Best of Opposites for the Specialty. 

Hutto, TX IABCA with indoor facilities in February 2007 was a nice change after freezing in Missouri.  I took only Meri and Tobi.  Rishona had not moved up an age group yet.  Tobias and Meri both won their Jungsten championships (National and International)  Photos taken by Don, my father.

Tobi        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Meri

November 2006, I went to Purinia Farms outside of St. Louis for our second IABCA show.  Rishona won her Jungsten titles, Meri made her debut and won her Baby titles, and Tobi arrived from Germany to win his Baby titles as well as Best in Show Rare Breed Puppy!  He had only been in the US four days! 
Bill Meyer Photography

First show was with IABCA in October 2006 at Oklahoma City OklahomaI took Queen Lady (my Beauty) and Rishona.  Both girls received all 4 orange cards to earn National and International titles.  Rishona for Baby and Beauty for Jungsten.  They both also ended up as Reserve Best in Show Puppy for one of the four shows that weekend.  What a way to start Heaven Sent's show career!!!  
Bill Meyer Photography

Beauty & Rishona